Janpanese Studies

This program is in charge of training with undergraduate degree for Japanese Studies. Graduates can use Japanese listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation skills fluently; they have a basic understanding of Japan's history, geography, politics, economy, culture, and international relations. Have Japanese language proficiency at or above N3; have bravery, confidence, sense of community service and have necessary skills such as Communication skills, translation, text editing, and using Japanese for working, scientific research, teaching, etc.   

The industry's personnel structure includes 11 lecturers (of which 04 are Japanese experts) and 02 teaching assistants. In addition, many visiting lecturers with doctoral degrees or higher from leading universities in the country.

Students in the class of 2014 do internships in Okinawa

LHU students with foreign students at Kobe International University

Programme specification 2021 - 2025

Programme specification 2020 - 2024

Programme specification 2019 - 2023

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